Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions

Content Moderator

We are a content moderation service leveraging a platform built on top of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This simple, plug-and-play solution allows us to moderate your content according to your policies, quickly and affordably. Our team works 24/7 to ensure all content submitted to your website, including comments, reviews, images, articles, audio and video, meets your unique policies.

How It Works

When content is submitted to your website, our software dynamically sends your content to a trained group of workers in the cloud (Turkers) who review the content and compare it with your moderation policies. Each worker arrives at an individual conclusion, and then results are compared to determine the optimal decision. Quality, consistent decisions are delivered in an effective, timely manner. We ensure that all of your user-generated content conforms to your unique rule set. Our content moderation software can be configured to moderate before posting, within minutes of posting or in response to a user complaint or flag.

Moderation Services

Our content moderation software can handle any task that involves reviewing a submission for policy compliance. We handle a number of content types, including images, comments, questions, answers, forum posts and video submissions. If your content moderation need is out of the ordinary, visit our custom moderation solutions page for more information and to request a call from one of our process engineers.